lgbt end of life coaching

Peggy Green, M.Div., is a chaplain and a ClearHeart Coach, serving the gay & lesbian community, helping all LGBT people & their families find grace and peace at the end of life.

As an End of Life Coach, I can help you:

  • ♦ Recall your life’s mission
  • ♦ Reconcile and close with loved ones
  • ♦ Make peace with religious beliefs
  • ♦ Voice your last wishes (including Advance
  • ♦ Envision “a good death” and
  • ♦ Leave behind a finished life

What Do You Need in Order To Know That the Work You Came To Do is Done?   At the far end of that tunnel of light, looking back, what do you have that will help you behold a life well-lived, a love well-given, a journey completely and courageously taken?

What Would it Take to Leave This Life Feeling Ready to Go?  At a time when leaning into the heart of God can recall the cuts of religious unkindness, ClearHeart Coaching helps the dying person give birth to the grace and peace of a finished life. ClearHeart Coaching helps gay people looking back to look forward—to take heart and leave everything else behind.


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Peggy Green is an lgbt end of life coach

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